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Futsal In Nepal(Introduction)

Futsal is now one of the loving sport among nepalese peoples.

Futsal originally is played on hard ground or pitch with total players of five each side one of whome is goalkeeper. But Nepal is introduced with term futsal as mini-football, where rules and regulations are same as futsal. Futsal is being more popular with in the cities of Nepal. Cities like Kathmandu, Bhaktput, Lalitpur, Chitwan, Butwal, Dharan, Itahari, Pokhara are developed areas of Nepal and can maintain good status of these sport, As futsal arenas are one of the expensive place to pay in Nepal. As Nepalese peoples are gorwing there interest on football for past four-five years, futsal is also bieng good place to hangout for neplese football fans.

Nepal doesn't have original futsal court as we know futsal is played in fiber or wood court, Nepalese considered mini-football as futsal. Mini football is played on small artifical grass with small tiny rubbers inside grass. It is also played indoor with same rules and same court size the only difference is court type or pitch type. There are more than fourty futsal with in the country with same pitch of tiny rubbers and artificial grass.People found futsal to me more interesting then other as every age group can play for fitness and fun. It has attracted not only young people but also people working at office and organization. Football 11-side is hard to play as ball is bouncy as well as difficult and should be played in dust under direct sun and need lots of energy.It is hard for people age above 40 and there must be 22 players total and need more substitution too So its hard to gather 25 people around your who can play in Nepal.every people cant play 11-side football but everyone can try playing Futsal, there is no need to play professional.small children to elder plays futsal in Nepal. young boys from 18-27 age play more then other age group. Nowdays every second people will be playing futsal in Nepal somwhere from 6AM to 8PM. This is really growing game and lots of tournament keeps on happening every time. There are many good teams in Nepal as I have seen till today. Some play to Improve some paly for fun as some come to cheer up players. It's really fun playing futsal It makes people do some exercise and clear their mind and make fresh. In Nepal people from companies or some organiation play more during weekend for fun and personal fitness.Some people come to play futsal just to loose their weight and heavy stomach.Football is Fun.


International tournament of futsal

The biggest tournament of football is world cup organized by FIFA (Federation Internationale Of Football Association) like wise FIFA Futsal World Cup is the biggest tournament or the world championship tournament of futsal. This tournament is also held in gap of every four years which is between two football world cups. As soon as FIFA became a part of futsal organization in 1989 A.D, With the help of AMF(Asociación Mundial de Futsal) first futsal world cup was heald in The Netherlands. Hosting futsal world cup in The Neatherlands helped in increasing peoples craziness on futsal with all respects and peace. Winner of first world cup was Brazil with 2-1 winning score against host country Neatherlands. Before 2008 only 16 countries were selected in competition but 2008 onwards total 24 countries will be selected in competition. Upto now Brazil has won five times where as Spain has won two times with two times runner-up and the recent winner of FIFA Futsal World Cup is Argentina with 5-4 winning score against runner-up Russia in 2016. The next world cup will be in 2020.

There are many other international tournaments of futsal some of them are as follows:

1. AFC (Asian competitions)
2. CAF (African competitions)
3. CONCACAF (North American, Central American and Caribbean competitions)
4. CONMEBOL (South American competitions)
5. AMF (Intercontinental competitions)
6. UEFS (European competitions)
7. C.P.F.S. (Pan-American competitions)
8. C.S.F.S. (South American competitions)
9. UEFA (European competitions)
10. OFC (Oceanian competitions)

Note: Selected countries on there native competitions will play FIFA Futsal World Cup.

Futsal And Tournament

In Nepal tournaments are held in many ways

Tournament on futasl, futsal has attracted many players and people. when it comes to tournament minimum 20 team registers everytime and the tournament lasts not more then 2days or it ends within a day also known as one day tournament. Its fun to play tournament some of the tournament happens to be league at first round where as most of the starts with Knckout. Tournament time depends on organizer mostly 2half with 10-10 min or 8-8min. The game becomes tough as time is limited so players of each teams focus goal. Any how each team try to score, play their best on team work. Nowadays tournament take place between companies staff, college students, government and non government orginization only female. during these tournament only certain player can only play who meet the requirement .most of the tournament bands National division player as they are skilled and professional then others. Open Futsal tournament is only where everyone can join and register to play It's for everybody who can compete for the top.
Following are some simple rules of tournaments:

-time is limited and inhuries time will be added if needed.
-no offensive word direct tackle is consider as foul with yellow card
-Double yellow is red and 4players play for 2min after card is received and new player enters the field.
-Back pass to keeper is not allowed to catch.
-Hand on D-area is consider a penalty(one step penalty)
-Indirect throw by keeper is not allowed.
-Free kicks for every foul
-refree decision is last and final.

Health & Injuries

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Health And Injuries

Futsal makes good health and bad injuries too

On Health:

"Health Is Wealth" we all know that a healthy health will make a fine wealth. But being healthy is othe thing and being fit is other means daily exercises, balance diet, cleaning, yoga etc will make us healthy but playing futsal keeps us fit. As staying fit is also a part of being healthy futsal will help to be it. Giving some time on futsal daily will be good daily schedule (Half and hours will be best time to give for futsal). Futsal helps every age group differently such as playing futsal for kids will help them to learn footbal and develop there body to there limit, Youth are developed so futsal will help them to stay stable and fit, Adults will find helpful on minimizing there stress also removing minor body aches and all. Neplalese peoples are not so concern about there foods, cleaning, balance diet, daily exercise but they play futsal as entertainment or for fun or for time pass. So futsal indirectly helping nepalese on there health.

On Injuries:

Health is directly connected with injuries and injuries are common in futsal. Now a days Nepal is facing lots of injuries in futsal many hospitals survey has result that every year 4 to 5 percent patient are from futsal injuries. Many injuries occur due to small space or lack of running place Some futsal are not managed properly there area of pitch is small. As futsal is high movement game so good space is required to minimize such injuries. But futsal is not only place to blame such injuries players themselve also must be aert and careful while playing. Minor injuries are not so problem but major injury like bone fractures, Hamstring strain, Ankle sprain, Knee ligament damage etc will make no way back until heavy treatment is not done.

Prevention on futsal

1. pre-match warm up about five to ten minutes or longer.

2. strength training and stretching is most before playing.

3. put all equipments that are required or made to play futsal.

4. must not play with players who are playing recklessly

5. prevention is better than cure.

Rules & Regulations

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Rules And Regulations

Rules to play futsal and tournaments

1. Time periods
Futsal matches comprise two periods each lasting 20 minutes of actual playing time. The clock is stopped every time the ball goes out of boundary and time resumes as ball is restarted by the player. Extra time are added if needed but usually game are ended by penalties.

2. Time outs
Teams are entitled to a one minute time out in each period. Time out are only allowed when ball gets out of boundary .A team that does not request time out in the first half of the match is only entitled to one minute out during the second half. There are no time out one extra minute.

3. Substitutions Rule
A match is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than five players (goalkeeper, and outfield players) and nine substitutes. There is no restriction on the number of substitutions that may be made during a match. Substitutions may be made any time, whether the ball is play or not, but only in the specially demarcated substitution zones. Substitution are only done when referee and official are informed.

4. Replacement of sent off players
A player who is sent off by showing cards will not be playing running match until their team concede a goal or slould play with four players until two minutes of running time. A player will be back after any of the two things will happen to team.

5. The goalkeepers
Goalkeepers have only four seconds in which to play the ball, with either their hands or feet and may not touch it again if it has been deliberately played to them by a team mate without an opponent playing or touching it. Goalkeepers are also now free to play anywhere on the pitch and throw the ball beyond the halfway line, which was not previously permitted. Once the goalkeeper release the ball either by kicking or throwing, the keeper is not allowed to touch it again by hands until ball goes beyond boundary or touched by opponent. Keepers are only allowed to touch the ball after opponents half gets crossed and touched on goalpost bar.

6. Accumulated fouls and the second penalty mark
Accumulated fouls are those penalties with a direct free kick or penalty kick, regardless of whether advantages has been played or not. If a team commits a sixth accumulated foul, the opposing side may take the subsequent free kick awarded to them without a wall, either from the second penalty mark which is positioned four meters behind the first ,or from a position even closer to penalty area was committed between the goal line and the second penalty mark.

7. Fouls
All direct free kicks count as accumulated fouls. A direct free kick is awarded for kicking, tripping, charging, jumping, pushing, striking, tackling, holding, spitting, and deliberate handling. Indirect free kicks, such as playing dangerously and impeding, do not count as accumulated fouls. A team is warned by the referee when they commit five accumulated fouls in a half.

8. Cards system
A yellow card is shown for unsporting behavior, dissent, time wasting, encroachment, persistent infringement, and illegal subbing. A red card is shown for serious foul play, violent conduct, spitting, illegally denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity abusive language, and receiving a second yellow. Red carded players are ejected from the same game and their team must play short for two minutes or until the other team scores a goal. Once the referee decides then players are not allowed to debate or they are warned by official as a team foul.

9. Free kicks and penalty shoot
Taken from the spot of infringement or on the line of the penalty area nearest the infringement. All opponents must be at least 5m away from the ball. The kick must be taken within four seconds or an indirect kick is awarded to the other team. Kick from the second penalty mark are awarded when a team commits 6 or more accumulated fouls in a half. Second penalty mark is 10m (11yd) from thee goal, opponents must be behind the ball, goalkeeper must be at least 5m (5.5yd) away. Penalty kick is awarded in 6m (6.6yd) from the center of the goal for fouls inside the 6 m (6.6yd) goal keeper’s area. If game ends in equal goal, then both team are given chance for penalty as decision for winner.

10. Kick in
A kick in is used instead of throw in. the player must place the ball on touch line or outside but not more than 25 cm from the place the ball when out of the play. The ball must be stationery and the kick in must be taken within 4 seconds from the time players is ready. During kick in, opponents must stand at least 5m from the ball. If four second elapse or illegal kick is taken, the referee will award a kick in to other team. It is not allowed to score directly from kick in the goal is valid only if someone else touches the ball before it enters in post.

11. Corner kick
Direct goal from corner is not valid, every corner ball are taken place from 5m corner arch. Corner ball only starts when referee whistle blows otherwise ball is given to opponent as foul touch or goal clearance

Other Facilities

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Other Facilities On Futsal And Futsal Arenas

Futsal provides many facilities despite grounds

The first thing that futsal provides is grounds or indoor pitch as we all know that futsal in Nepal is build in the purpose of business by giving good facilities to there costumers. The more often futsal is providing good restaurants, sowering bathrooms, changing room (which is useless for Nepalese people), drinking waters etc.

Above facilities are common in every futsal on Nepal. But some futsal are providing tranning facilities to there costumers or football fans espically focusing childrens between age 4-16 years. These helps to increase personal and country's football development. Now a days many futsal are concern with there dvelopment and high comprtitions with each others so many futsal are redusing in there hourly charges, Average charge of futsal is Rs 1000 - Rs 1200. Also many futsal are giving a facilities of water break with in the playing time where they provides some miniral bottles of drinking water.


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