Futsal (Introduction)

Futsal, (also known as mini-football) is a game that is played indoor, where length of field must be minimum 25 m × 16 m (27 yd × 17 yd), maximum 42 m × 25 m (46 yd. × 27 yd.).This game is no different from 11 A side football but the number of players are 5 on each team So futsal is also popularly known as 5 A side football.

(Asociación Mundial de Futsal) also known as World Futsal Association is the governing body of Futsal founded in 1971. FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) later started FIFA Futsal World Cup in 1989 held every four years. The field is made up of wood, smooth and non-abrasive material and the surface is flat with outlines and goal post in two sides. In Nepal, artificial grass is layered over the concrete field and a layer of small rubber pieces is added on the top. There is a different pair of football shoe designed for futsal and the regular pair of shoe is not allowed.

Futsal in Kathmandu

The popularity of futsal is growing inside the valley for the last 5 years. The most popular game in the world has a huge fan following in Kathmandu and the traditional football is really difficult to make a place in the busy schedule for the people living in the city of Kathmandu. There are rarely any standard football grounds available for the common people so futsal has provided an alternative option for the football fans. Also reaching 22 friends just to play a single match is not viable hence futsal is easier and convenient for the city dwellers.

futsal in nepal

Futsal is now one of the loving sport among nepalese peoples...

Futsal In Other Cities Of Nepal

There are more than fifteen cities in Nepal but futsal is rare outside the Valley. Futsal is one of the expensive sports in Nepal so there are no more than 5/6 cities with futsal. The next city outside the valley, dharan and pokhara has 3 futsal grounds (Big Foot Futsal, Hamro Futsal, Buda subba Futsal in Dharan and Amarsingh Futsal Area, Pokhara futsal and Top Corner Futsal in Pokhara). Lumbini Futsal Arena is only futsal in Butwal city. These cities are not overcrowded like Kathmandu valley and playground are available. So people choose to play with no cost rather than paying an expensive fee at futsal.

However Futsal is slowly growing as a different sport rather than a Football option. While many people think of futsal as a miniature version of soccer, it involves much more than that. The game is played as 5 on 5 with one of those players being the goalkeeper for each team. Substitutions are made similar to those in hockey as players may come on and off the court at any given time. Teams have unlimited substitutions for each 20 minute half and the clock runs much like a basketball clock does because it stops on dead balls.

Footballers on futsal

To respect is a good sportsmanship.

"A lot of the moves I make originate from futsal. It's played in a very small space, and the ball control is different in futsal. And to this day my ball control is pretty similar to a futsal player's control"

Ronaldinho Gaucho / Professional Footballer

“it’s a lot quicker than football on grass. You have to think really quickly because everyone is close to each other”

Pele / Legend Of Football

more other futsal and there times

Most of all futsal are open fron morning 7 AM to night 7 PM.

Everyday 8AM-7PM 4

Shantinagar futsal is…

Everyday 8AM-7PM 4

Lumbinu futsal womens…

Everyday 8AM-7PM 4

Now Dharan is also…


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